Belgian Abbey mead

01 Maj 2021 / OscFr
Belgian Abbey Mead fermenting in a demijohn.

Required equipment:

Good to have equipment:

I used yeast Belgian Abbey M47 from and vwp sterilizer.

To calculate the ABV you can use the formula:

(OÖ - FÖ) / 7.5 = ABV

OÖ: Original °Öchsle

FÖ: Final °Öchsle

My result: (70 - 0) / 7,5 = ABV

Or this formula:

(OG - FG) x 131 = ABV

OG : Original Gravity

FG : Final Gravity

My result: (1.070 - 1.000) x 131 = ABV


  • 1,3 kg Honey
  • 3,5 l Water
  • 10 g Yeast


Wash the demijohn.

Fill the demijohn with water and sterilizer.

Wait 30 minutes.

Wash the stockpot.

Pour the sterilized water from the demijohn in the stockpot.

Wash two spoons, a funnel, a hydrometer, a thermometer, a bung and an airlock.

Put the equipment in the stockpot with the sterilized water.

Wait 30 minutes and rinse the equipment thoroughly and put them in a dish rack.

Dissolve the honey with 3,5 l new fresh spring water in the stockpot. If nessesary heat the water to a max ~32°C to dissolve the honey completely.

Wait for the honey water mix to cool down below 20°C and measure the gravity with a hydrometer. I got +70 °Öchsle ( = 1.070 Specific Gravity)

Pour the honey water mix in to the demijohn.

Pour the yeast in the demijohn and put on the bung with airlock.

Let it ferment for around 4 weeks.

Measure the gravity with a hydrometer. I got +5 °Öchsle ( = 1.005 Specific Gravity)

Transfer into bottles. Drink, enjoy and scold in the company of good friends!

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